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      Printer Series
      YTJZ series flexo press
      YTWX series flexo press
      YT Series Two-Colors Flex...
      YT Series Six-Colors Flex...
      YT Series Four-Colors Fle...
      YT Series High-Speed Flex...
      Printing Products
      LOGO tissues
      colourful tissue
      machining of metal
      Changzhou Tianguang Machinery Co., Ltd is located at hinterland of South Jiangsu economic plate, which has developed economy, Taihu famous town, Panjiazhen Town. The company has convenient transportation and communication, closes to 342 provincial way in the south, Xiyi expressway in the north, the well-known Taihu scenic spot in the south.

      ¡¡¡¡¡°Tianguang¡± company established at the end of 20 century possesses a batch of mature technicians and a group of active employees. Over years of operation, it wins reputation in printing machinery industry and accounts for certain market share. The company sticks on the tenet ¡°Human Oriented, Credit First¡±, warmly welcome friends from all circles to cooperate and visit us.

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