DeepComix Teaser
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Take a look at the future of digital comics!

Holding a DeepComix in your hands is a truly unique experience. If you just cannot wait to download our teaser please check out this video!

A revolutionary user experience

Digital Comics enter a new dimension with DeepComix technology. Enter your story and explore the world behind the screen.

DeepComix™ Teaser

Take a look behind the scenes of our DeepComix Teaser app, free on the App Store and read about the experience of illustrating a DeepComix.

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Interactive Point of View

Rotate the device in your hands to interactively change your point of view. Reading a DeepComix feels just like looking into another world!

Cinematic Zoom

In a DeepComix, the familiar 'pinch' gesture moves your point of view into the story. Be ready for a truly unique cinematic zooming effect.

Vanishing Balloons

Hide all the balloons on the screen swiping your finger on the top half of the screen. Explore all the details of the original illustrations then bring them back with another swipe.

Multi Language

DeepComix support multiple languages. Simply select the language of your choice using the options from the app settings page.

3D Stereo Mode

Tap the screen with three fingers to toggle on/off the stereoscopic 3d effect. Use a standard pair of anaglyph (red/blue) glasses to experience DeepComix in 3D stereo.

Cinematic Transitions

In a DeepComix each transition from one image to the next is designed as a cinematic camera move inside the world of the story. See transitions like you never experienced!